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Up & Coming w/ Reace Yung [July 2019]

Hello! Thanks again for vising my blog. Before July wraps up there is something new with Mother Muva that I want to introduce to you. Up & Coming will be a feature on Mother Muva once a month. Up & Coming is for anyone who chose to chase their dreams. There are a lot of new small business launching, new music, and etc. I want to provide the chance for those individuals to share their story. 

July's up coming will feature a rap artist straight from my home state of Missouri, Reace Yung!

QUESTION: Where are you from & where are you currently located? How has it impacted you as an artist

ANSWER: I’m from Northside St.Louis,Mo and I currently live in Mid-Missouri and it has impacted my career in a good way because I’m the only artist actually moving and creating a hiphop music scene that is seeing real results and making small goals possible.

QUESTION: How old were you when you knew you wanted to rap and why?

ANSWER: I was 8 years old when I knew that I wanted to rap but I actually started in 1999 when I was 13 years old. 
1. No one made the music I wanted to hear and felt should be made givin how our city is.
2. I wanted to be monumental for my city so they can have something to follow and call our own.
3. I wanted to be the pinnacle of change for my whole state.

QUESTION: Who's currently on your team? 

ANSWER: Natasha Lady Ceo is currently my manager and my producers are Blackgrits, LBoogie, Jsonata and Shayne Thomas Byrne.

QUESTION: Who was your biggest influence growing up, and who is it now?

ANSWER: Kool G Rap and Biggie Smalls was my biggest influence growing up and Big Pun JayZ. My favorite rapper is Jay Z.

QUESTION: Do you have goals for your rap career? If so what are some of those goals?

ANSWER: My goal is to keep putting out billboard charting albums and get some Grammy's with all my producers. and invest and create my own network.

QUESTION: If you could have any artist on your next single, who would it be and why?

ANSWER: I would love to have Jay Z on a feature that would be huge for me and I always wondered what it would sound like.

QUESTION: How has social media affected your career? 

ANSWER: Social media and has affected my artist career in a very positive manor by allowing people from all over the world to connect with me and be exposed to my talent and it is continuously growing everyday.

QUESTION: Whats one thing that you want you're supporters to know?

ANSWER: One thing I want my supporters to really know about me is that I really would love to meet them all in person some day every last single one.

There it is y'all! I'm so happy I got to do this with Reace Yung. Thank you so much reading be sure to follow him below!
Instagram: @reaceyung
Snapchat: @REACEYUNG

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My Sons Dad & I Decided to be Co-Parents [The Break-Up]

(Our sons newborn photos)

My sons dad and I relationship started about 5 years ago, thanks to the wonderful world of Instagram. We started out long-distance but that distance quickly got shorter when he decided to move to my hometown to be with me. Our connection was strong in the beginning, we simply couldn't get enough of each other. I had finally found my first love! We experienced the same things most couples do with ups and downs but in the end of the day we still chose each other. As time passed we both started to evolve into different people and unfortunately it had a negative impact on our relationship. The only thing that worked for us was being our sons mommy & daddy and this is something we both agreed on.

It's been a little over 2 months since we broke up and decided just to be co-parents for our son. It was very hard for me to accept the fact my son was going to have a 2 household family but its better then the alternative of raising him in a toxic environment. After the break up it was clear that we will always have love for each other, we have a bond that only we understand, and I can't wait to build a friendship with him. We both wish nothing but happiness for each other.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the term co-parenting it's when 2 people share the responsibility of being a parent to a child without being in a relationship. My sons and dad and I plan to continue what we're already doing now, we will take our son out for fun, still go on our mini weekend getaways that we absolutely love, and most importantly put our son first. We hope our family and friends support us with this decision and to be understanding. This is far from ideal but this is whats best for us and our son. If you have any advice for us, be sure to leave a comment for us to read. Here's to yet another one of life's chapters!

My son got an early Autism Diagnosis [Zen’s Story]

Zen (2 Weeks Old) - Rachel Demand Photography

The CDC estimates that 1 and 59 children get diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  My son is just a few weeks shy of turning 2 and has been diagnosed with ASD.  Ever since Zen was born I followed and tracked him hitting each milestone that passed. It was after Zen turned one I noticed he wasn’t hitting the milestones anymore. The first and obvious sign was his speech, followed by his lack of social interaction. I have worked with children in the past with ASD and have close friends that have children with it as well, as a mother I knew my son had it. I couldn’t shake the feeling so when the doctor came in with the results I almost wanted to tell her “look you don’t have to say it, I already know now lets get this show on the road” I have been doing a lot of reading on ASD so I knew the next step would be getting him in therapy.

Early Diagnoses=Early Intervention

Experts say the earlier a child gets diagnosed with ASD the more effective treatment will be for them. A young brain is easier to “shape”.  Our plan with Zen is that he will be doing 1 year of intense ABA  therapy. ABA is “Applied  Behavior Analysis”. This will be help Zen develop his speech, social skills, self-care, and his play & leisure time. I’m so happy I chose to get him tested early this will make a huge difference his future then if I was to have waited.

How I’m coping with the news.

As I mentioned earlier I always had it set in my mind that Zen was Autistic, and for that reason I handled the news well.  I knew that it was going to be hard for his Zen’s dad and the rest of the family.  I wanted to be strong for them and reassure them that Zen needed this. I will be Zen’s biggest advocate for the rest of his life now. If he needs to be in my care his whole life or if he ends up being completely independent I will be there for him in any way that he needs. I’m optimistic about Zen’s future. Just like I knew about him having ASD prior to testing, I know that he will find success and do GREAT things not only for himself but for the world. Zen is just that amazing.

Mother Muva

Ways to Become Consistent in Life

Hi! I must say I almost feel ashamed with as long as it’s been since I created a post for you guys.  One of the main reasons is I’m currently without a laptop after I managed to crack my screen, and then there’s of course and lack of consistency, motherhood, work, and with all of that  I have completely disconnected myself from my blog (balance needed). So I’m diving right in like I never left. I started this blog to guide me on my life’s journey with hopes of impacting others along the way.

In the start of this post I mentioned lack of consistency is one the reasons why haven’t been blogging like I want to. I have known that consistency can be the key to success in your personal and professional sides of life. In this blog post I’m going to share a few ways I plan on implementing to help me be consistent, and maybe you can too!

1.     Set a Daily Routine – Especially a morning routine, they have been found to be very beneficial to life.
2.     Do It – Don’t think too hard about it because then you start to have that “I don’t feel like it” feeling.
3.     Find Balance – When you have a more balanced life your productivity increases.

There may only be a few but I know these are great steps to help build your consistency. Please share the ways that help you with consistency in your personal and professional sides of life. I would love to read!

Thanks for visiting,

[Plus Size Mom] I Never Wanted to Lose Weight Until I Became a Mom

 Hello everyone! I'm a plus size mother and I never wanted to lose weight until I became a mom. In my very first blog post Responding to my Life, I talked about how I have been fat all my life. I never had to suffer from being ashamed of my body and in fact I was "body positive" before "body positive" was a thing. Bodies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so to me there is not one body type that looks better than the other. Society doesn't agree.

Motherhood has been a beautiful experience. It has been unlike anything I could ever imagine. I'm a mother to an (almost) 2-year-old boy Zen. Before he came into this world I knew I wanted to spoil him with life experiences. I want to travel with him and see the world, yet airplane seats are small and very uncomfortable for me. Then I think about the simple but unforgettable experiences like taking him to the local fair or even Disney World one day, yet I haven't been able to fit on a ride since I was 13 years old. Do you see where I'm getting at? My plus size body is keeping from being the mother I want to be for Zen.
Yes, I have always accepted my body for what it is, but I have also tried a few different trendy diets and I've been known to do a free trial or two at a gym with no success. I never had a true reason to lose weight, especially since overall I'm in pretty good health.

I'm ready to embark on this journey not only Zen but for myself as well. This will be very difficult for me! It will take a lot of planning, a lifestyle change, time, and so much more. I wasn't trying to make this a "New Year, new me" journey but I do want to wait to start after the upcoming holidays.

Please don't take this as me not believing I can be plus size and a good mother for Zen. If I wasn't to lose a pound I would still make sure he lives a good life. I just can't be the mother I want to be for him, there's a difference.

This is only part one of this journey and if you're a mother and can relate please reach out to me and let's connect!  - Mother Muva

Photography: Marta Payne 
Active Wear: JcPenny

Wide-Calf Boots x The List

Trendy Wide Calf Boots
Boot season has commenced! I'm starting to see more people pulling out last seasons boots from their closet, or rocking a bomb new pair (I've done both). Being a plus size woman I'm limited to only wide-calf boots and I often get asked where I end up finding them. That and many other things fueled my fire to blog. Fashion is becoming more size inclusive with every new season that comes!
I have compiled a list of online stores where you can find your next pair of wide-calf boots. Our wide-calf boots options are just about endless!


There you have it. Wide-Calf Boots  x  List!

You MUST tell me if you find a pair you love, please? Just comment it below.

Photography: Marta Payne 

Boots: Ashley Stewart 

Delicious "Fall " Snacks Your Toddler Will Love

I'm not sure about where you live, but here in Missouri Fall is finally here. The Summer temperatures weren't in a hurry to end this year. I can admit that I agree entirely with the rest of the world that nothing compares to a delicious "Fall" snack! So today I will be sharing my list of  "Fall" snacks for a toddler. My choices either match a fall flavor, color, or just simply delicious.
Happy Tot Organics - Love my VeggiesChickpea Staws - Sweet Potato & Rosemary. You will always find something Happy Tot in our house! They offer a wide variety of organic snacks for babies & toddlers. This is the snack that you see my son Zen eating in the pictures! Find the chickpea straws HERE 

Beech-Nut Quinoa Crispies - Vanilla  Its been a while since I have bought these for Zen but I had to make sure this made this list. My toddler loved these at first bite. The texture makes this an easy to eat snack. Plus quinoa provides excellent nutrients like protein and fiber.
Sprout Organic Crinklesz Pumpkin Carrot. Name a better duo then pumpkin and fall? I'll wait! I found this Fall toddler snack on Amazon. Crinklez is a popped veggie cracker for those little fingers to grab and enjoy. I have not gotten this for my son, but you can't go wrong with a snack like this.

Happy Tot Organics - Super Foods Apples, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, and Cinnamon Here is another Happy Tot Fall snack. This squeezable pouch is packed with "super" nutrients for your toddler. This squeezable pouch is my sons go to choice, he absolutely loves them! 

Plum Organics Mighty Snack bars - Pumpkin Banana I'm on the hunt for these! Well not really hunting because I did find them HERE. Mighty snack bars is a baked whole grain bar with fruits and veggies. They're smaller then I expected, but still tummy satisfying. This fall flavor snack will make a for a great morning snack. 

Toddler Snacks

There they are, my choices"Fall" snacks that your toddler will love. All choices are clearly full with good stuff that will make you and your little one happy. If your looking for more homemade  "Fall" snacks try Pinterest!

Responding to my Life

The Past

I started out in this world May 2nd, 1988 in Columbia, MO. Growing up I was known to be the sweet little fat girl, always smiling, and maybe a little on the quiet side at times. I want to point out that I never was that kid that set dreams for themselves on what they were going to be when they grew up, I mean I gave an answer when I was asked but I knew I would never be that! I was provided with a good life. I lived with my mother and she never made me feel like I was going without, it wasn’t until I was older that I realized how hard she struggled to provide for my sister and I growing up. My mother was also my fashion influence. Since I was the fat little girl I had no choice to wear her grown-up clothes to school, and my mother had style so naturally, it rubbed off on to me. I just didn’t know how much it did until I got to high school & it has bloomed from there. I may not have known what I wanted to be when I grew up but I did know that I was going to be a mother one day, that was one thing that I knew I could be…

 The Present 

A few years ago is when life started to become hard for me. My known smile wasn’t as big anymore, there was no such thing as true happiness for me. November 2015 I was 21 weeks and 5 days pregnant with who was going to be my first child. We named her Titan. I had something wonderful to look forward to, motherhood. One afternoon I went in for my routine doctor’s appointment. Just as always the doctor was listening for Titan’s heartbeat, he was having a hard time finding but assured me that it happens often but thought I should head to the next building for a better ultrasound. They never found her heartbeat. I had to give birth to a stillborn baby girl. That one thing that I knew I could do got taken away from me, motherhood. Just about 4 months after that, things got far from better, I got fired from my job of 7 years. I was completely lost as a person. I didn’t start to find myself until I was given a second chance at motherhood. My son is  1 ½ & I’ve had enough of letting my doubt and fears get in my way. I now realize that I never dreamed of becoming anything because I was too afraid of it not coming true. I wasn’t understanding that I was my own competition. It's time I start to respond to my life, not sit here and wait for things to magically happen. 

The Future

Through this blog I want to grow spiritually, mentally, and financially. I will be transparent for the world and share this journey of becoming who I want to be. A year from this day I hope to be closer to becoming self-employed, collaborate/partner with businesses, and to be better then I am today. I hope to inspire mothers, African American women, plus size women. I will respond to my life.

Photography: Marta Payne - Makeup: Makeup by Maxx

Dress, Shoes & Accessories: Ashley Stewart - Toddler Moto Jacket: Gap