[Plus Size Mom] I Never Wanted to Lose Weight Until I Became a Mom

 Hello everyone! I'm a plus size mother and I never wanted to lose weight until I became a mom. In my very first blog post Responding to my Life, I talked about how I have been fat all my life. I never had to suffer from being ashamed of my body and in fact I was "body positive" before "body positive" was a thing. Bodies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so to me there is not one body type that looks better than the other. Society doesn't agree.

Motherhood has been a beautiful experience. It has been unlike anything I could ever imagine. I'm a mother to an (almost) 2-year-old boy Zen. Before he came into this world I knew I wanted to spoil him with life experiences. I want to travel with him and see the world, yet airplane seats are small and very uncomfortable for me. Then I think about the simple but unforgettable experiences like taking him to the local fair or even Disney World one day, yet I haven't been able to fit on a ride since I was 13 years old. Do you see where I'm getting at? My plus size body is keeping from being the mother I want to be for Zen.
Yes, I have always accepted my body for what it is, but I have also tried a few different trendy diets and I've been known to do a free trial or two at a gym with no success. I never had a true reason to lose weight, especially since overall I'm in pretty good health.

I'm ready to embark on this journey not only Zen but for myself as well. This will be very difficult for me! It will take a lot of planning, a lifestyle change, time, and so much more. I wasn't trying to make this a "New Year, new me" journey but I do want to wait to start after the upcoming holidays.

Please don't take this as me not believing I can be plus size and a good mother for Zen. If I wasn't to lose a pound I would still make sure he lives a good life. I just can't be the mother I want to be for him, there's a difference.

This is only part one of this journey and if you're a mother and can relate please reach out to me and let's connect!  - Mother Muva

Photography: Marta Payne 
Active Wear: JcPenny