My son got an early Autism Diagnosis [Zen’s Story]

Zen (2 Weeks Old) - Rachel Demand Photography

The CDC estimates that 1 and 59 children get diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  My son is just a few weeks shy of turning 2 and has been diagnosed with ASD.  Ever since Zen was born I followed and tracked him hitting each milestone that passed. It was after Zen turned one I noticed he wasn’t hitting the milestones anymore. The first and obvious sign was his speech, followed by his lack of social interaction. I have worked with children in the past with ASD and have close friends that have children with it as well, as a mother I knew my son had it. I couldn’t shake the feeling so when the doctor came in with the results I almost wanted to tell her “look you don’t have to say it, I already know now lets get this show on the road” I have been doing a lot of reading on ASD so I knew the next step would be getting him in therapy.

Early Diagnoses=Early Intervention

Experts say the earlier a child gets diagnosed with ASD the more effective treatment will be for them. A young brain is easier to “shape”.  Our plan with Zen is that he will be doing 1 year of intense ABA  therapy. ABA is “Applied  Behavior Analysis”. This will be help Zen develop his speech, social skills, self-care, and his play & leisure time. I’m so happy I chose to get him tested early this will make a huge difference his future then if I was to have waited.

How I’m coping with the news.

As I mentioned earlier I always had it set in my mind that Zen was Autistic, and for that reason I handled the news well.  I knew that it was going to be hard for his Zen’s dad and the rest of the family.  I wanted to be strong for them and reassure them that Zen needed this. I will be Zen’s biggest advocate for the rest of his life now. If he needs to be in my care his whole life or if he ends up being completely independent I will be there for him in any way that he needs. I’m optimistic about Zen’s future. Just like I knew about him having ASD prior to testing, I know that he will find success and do GREAT things not only for himself but for the world. Zen is just that amazing.

Mother Muva

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