Up & Coming w/ Reace Yung [July 2019]

Hello! Thanks again for vising my blog. Before July wraps up there is something new with Mother Muva that I want to introduce to you. Up & Coming will be a feature on Mother Muva once a month. Up & Coming is for anyone who chose to chase their dreams. There are a lot of new small business launching, new music, and etc. I want to provide the chance for those individuals to share their story. 

July's up coming will feature a rap artist straight from my home state of Missouri, Reace Yung!

QUESTION: Where are you from & where are you currently located? How has it impacted you as an artist

ANSWER: I’m from Northside St.Louis,Mo and I currently live in Mid-Missouri and it has impacted my career in a good way because I’m the only artist actually moving and creating a hiphop music scene that is seeing real results and making small goals possible.

QUESTION: How old were you when you knew you wanted to rap and why?

ANSWER: I was 8 years old when I knew that I wanted to rap but I actually started in 1999 when I was 13 years old. 
1. No one made the music I wanted to hear and felt should be made givin how our city is.
2. I wanted to be monumental for my city so they can have something to follow and call our own.
3. I wanted to be the pinnacle of change for my whole state.

QUESTION: Who's currently on your team? 

ANSWER: Natasha Lady Ceo is currently my manager and my producers are Blackgrits, LBoogie, Jsonata and Shayne Thomas Byrne.

QUESTION: Who was your biggest influence growing up, and who is it now?

ANSWER: Kool G Rap and Biggie Smalls was my biggest influence growing up and Big Pun JayZ. My favorite rapper is Jay Z.

QUESTION: Do you have goals for your rap career? If so what are some of those goals?

ANSWER: My goal is to keep putting out billboard charting albums and get some Grammy's with all my producers. and invest and create my own network.

QUESTION: If you could have any artist on your next single, who would it be and why?

ANSWER: I would love to have Jay Z on a feature that would be huge for me and I always wondered what it would sound like.

QUESTION: How has social media affected your career? 

ANSWER: Social media and has affected my artist career in a very positive manor by allowing people from all over the world to connect with me and be exposed to my talent and it is continuously growing everyday.

QUESTION: Whats one thing that you want you're supporters to know?

ANSWER: One thing I want my supporters to really know about me is that I really would love to meet them all in person some day every last single one.

There it is y'all! I'm so happy I got to do this with Reace Yung. Thank you so much reading be sure to follow him below!
Instagram: @reaceyung
Snapchat: @REACEYUNG

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